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These addons, in our experience, are irreplaceable for almost every service management team



Extension for Jira Service Desk

The features include:

Actions for Jira Service Desk

Actions app unleashes the power of customer transitions and adds to the automation possibilities of Jira Service Desk, enabling to implement the best ITIL practices.

Use cases include:

Insight - Asset Management (now included in Data Center and Premium subscriptions)

Insight unleashes powerful enterprise asset management in Jira with a modern and top-rated CMDB for teams running Jira. It provides a structured and graphical representation of any data that is important to you in a single source of truth.

Use the Insight platform to manage all the things that are important to your organization whether it’s hardware, software, people, facilities, compliance, customers, contracts or any other type of data.

By connecting Jira issues to your data, you dramatically decrease time to resolution and increase the quality in your everyday work.

Trusted by some of the finest brands in the world such as eBay, Lufthansa, Google, Spotify, Porsche and thousands of others.

Some of the features in Insight:

Read Customer Stories.

Insight Discovery

Insight Discovery is an agentless network scanning product that scans multiple networks for hosts and devices. The collected data is automatically imported into the Insight CMDB and available in Jira. Patterns determine what can be discovered and what data is collected. OOTB you can discover assets like:

· Linux & Unix servers

· Windows servers

· Computers

· Routers, switches, printers, load balancers

· etc.

Example of data collected: CPU, RAM, OS, file systems, network interface services, installed applications and their versions etc. Write your own patterns to discover more unusual assets.

Licence tiers including and under 1000 users are capped when it comes to the number of hosts you can import into Insight.

Translation for Jira Service Desk

Translation for Jira Service Desk enables you to perform multilingual customer support by translating various components of your Jira Service Desk. Store the translations in one place and easily translate dynamic field values by providing specific translations. Build your image as a company which provides the highest quality of support and customer experience by:

  • using easy project configuration to translate various elements within Customer Portal

  • making everything clear and understandable for foreign users.

    global scale.

    Translate dynamic and custom field values, even those containing HTML. Share them all across Jira to deal with common texts just once.

    Enable users to easily switch to their mother tongue and boost the user experience of your Service Desk with a single button.