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Naming convention pros :

  • Searching is much easier
  • Easier to find connections between various entities in Jira
  • Easier to distinguish legacy customer configuration and new configuration elements
Issue typesIssue type schemesName+ Issue Type Schemeex. Dev Issue Type Scheme
WorkflowsWorkflow schemesName + Workflow Schemeex. Auditor Worflow Scheme
WorkflowsName + Workflowex. Dev Bug Workflow
ScreensScreen SchemesName + Screen Scheme

ex. Dev Common Screen Scheme

ScreensName + Issue type + Transition type + Screen

ex. Dev Bug Create Screen

ex. Story Common Screen

Major Incident Screen [CREATE]

Major Incident Screen [EDIT]

Major Incident Screen [VIEW]

NotificationsNotification SchemesName + Feature + Notification Scheme

ex. Admin Common Notification Scheme

ex. Customer Muted Notification Scheme

PermissionsPermission SchemesName + Feature+ Permission Schemeex. Sales Closed Permission Scheme
Automation RulesAutomation Rule NameProject key + Issue Type + Event type

ex. IT: Incident: Set decision

ALL: Incident: Transition Issue 

JETI Email TemplatesJETI Email Template NameProject key/Process description + Issue Type + Initinal Status/Step - Final Status/Step + Transition Name 

ex. ITSW: [System] Change: Approval - Extra approval (Approve)

ex. RBSEC: Basic Process: Step Create - 01.01 (Create)

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