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There are some built-in project types in Jira depending on the product license you have. The built-in project type contains all the necessary issue types, customfields, statuses and screens to start with a named group of processes.

For example, built-in IT service management project template has the following issue types:

  • incident

  • problem

  • service request

And many customer portal request types to make your services fully understandable for your customers.

For Jira Service Management built-ins are the following:

While for Jira Software project types are:

Looking for an inspiration, you might love to check Atlassian’s workflow templates here. After you successfully started automating your business processes with Atlassian products, you might want to add some functionality or customize smth. Please check our addons bundles to learn about the most popular addons suitable for the most common use cases and how-to articles to know more.

If you’d like to have a tailored configuration of your Jira business processes, consider contacting one of the Atlassian Partners who might be found via Atlassian Partner Directory.

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